The San Francisco Sessions - Day 2 Feb 15th – a day off

No long flight or long sleepless night means no long blog. The session doesn’t start until tomorrow. So today was a day off. My lovely wife had looked a few things I could do, diligently checking that they are open on a Sunday. It helped enormously to give me some direction. And to take the pressure off having a good time, strange as it sounds. You always want to find something positive to say about someone’s home town. But, when their last but one album, Temple Beautiful, was a love song to San Francisco you really feel obliged to take an interest. The museum was a joy. And I supplemented it by walking around the city. A lot. First, the fine views in all directions from the top of Bernal Heights. Then, after the museum, a stroll along the harbour before a steep, REALLY steep, walk back up Russian Hill, through Chinatown and back home. In Chinatown, I passed a man playing Auld Lang Syne on an Erhu. That’s a man from China, approaching Chinese New Year playing a Scottish new year song in America. Then, back at the house, Kevin talks me through the details of an international rock and roll lifestyle before hush defends on the room as we settle to watch Downton Abbey. A deliciciously mixed up cultural experience. Whether it’s period drama or yomping up and down all those hills, I pretty drowsy now. Which is good because I don’t know how else I’d get to sleep. I’m like a child on Christmas Eve. I suspect as a self-preservation tactic, my mind isn’t quite taken It in. I’m a little nervous but Kevin is so warm and relaxed about the whole thing, it’s keeping me calm. Everyone keeps telling me it’s going to be great. I think they’re right.

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