The San Francisco Sessions - Day 6 February 19th last day of session

t’s over. I’m desperate to get off the airplane to give my daughter her Daddy back and to tell my family all about it for as long as they’ll listen. I’m dying to hear about their lives while I’ve been away – every minute detail, so it feels like I was there too. But I’m going to miss this. You can probably imagine. Well, maybe not quite. This whole experience has blown the lid off my imagination and my craziest dreams. This last day was very different from the previous three, tracking with the band. Though I loved that time and I miss the fellas already, this was my favourite. I didn’t have much to do. Just a few improved vocals. I watched Matt do a bunch of stuff on the computer with lightning virtuosity. But, mostly, Terry and I had the privilege of watching the Matt and Chuck show (which would be a cult favourite on late night TV). Enough rock and roll stories to fill a book – more than one involving people that have written books featuring Chuck and his old band, Green On Red. The rock and roll encyclopedia volumes 1 & 2, right there in the room. If you can think of a song recorded in the last 40 years, 50 years even, that neither of them has heard of, you get a prize. If they’ve heard of it but don’t know who produced it, what amps were used or the middle name of the drummer, you get a consolation prize. Chuck’s wife, Stephanie came by to add some vocals to, I think, 4 of the tracks. I met her only briefly so I can’t claim to know her very well. But I think voice and disposition of an angel would be fair. Sitting in the booth, teaching her the chorus to Aliens with a cheap, out of tune banjo would have been unimaginable a few months ago, terrifying a week ago and (with only a light blush) a pleasure and a privilege today. I’d say that encapsulates the whole experience. There isn’t much more I can say (I mean, there is a LOT more to say but it is all private for now). This has fulfilled and surpassed my most outrageous dreams. I still don’t fully understand how I managed to get this far. But I know it’s not the end. One last thing. In my first post I described a line that I’d been pushed by Chuck into rewriting. Today, as he sent me out to sing it again, he looked meaningfully at me and said, “That’s a great line”. I explained to Matt and Terry that Chuck had made me replace the word ‘unrequited’. “Throw away the Thesaurus. This is rock and roll.”

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