The San Francisco Sessions - Session 2 day 2, 8th Feb 2016

Why did I come out here again? Why travel such a ludicrous distance to play a bunch of songs I’d made up at home? If you’d walked in at the end of the day to see me playing Miller’s Daughter all on my own, using a guitar sound that I’d suggested, you might have hung around (for a while – it’s a long song) to get an answer to that one. But if you’d turned up in the morning, one glance at my amazed, happy expression would have told you everything. We went straight into Take Me Down, which had been such a blistering jam the night before. We were all a little nervous that we wouldn’t get the groove back in the morning. But the first take had me straight away grinning and flushed at the thought of having this on my album. Matt walked in from the booth and said, “erm, not bad”. See, that’s one of the big differences between me and this lot. They can tell when there’s something there that’s more than alright. And they won’t stop until it’s ‘badass’. We had to chop a verse to drag up a lull in the middle – always scary but especially in a story song. But it works, I’m convinced. And, of the 9 tracks we’ve now got down, I think this is my new favourite. It’s what I dreamed it would be. Next, I Forgot, couldn’t be more different. Light and poppy. But this also turned out great. Again, inventive changes to the structure that I would never have thought of. A real delight. So tomorrow Millers Daughter will get some more instruments – perhaps an upright bass, which I’m very excited about. Maybe even a clarinet. That would give us ten songs, At least three over 5 minutes. I reckon we’ve got critical mass for an LP. So anything else will be a bonus.

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